Need some assistance using Spark? This is the right place to be then, with training videos that explain many of the features and functions within the Spark software. Choose the video that best represents the question you need answered, or get ahead and gain a full understanding of the Spark software before diving in yourself.

Image Tutorial

Importing from Library, Importing from File, Adjusting Size / Stretching, Skewing, Adding Effects, Color Replacement Tool


Proposal Tutorial

Inputting Customer Information, Adding Additional Products, Custom Terms and Conditions, Pricing Valid Date, Saving as PDF / Printing


Adding Category and Importing Designs Tutorial

Create New Design Categories, Importing New Designs to Library, Searching for Designs by Category


Upload EPS Tutorial

Upload using .zip file, Keyword Spreadsheet

Text Tutorial

Adding Text, Adjusting Size / Stretching, Skewing, Changing Font, Changing Color, Adding Effects


Adding Font Tutorial

Creating New Font Categories, Importing new True-Type Font to Library, Uploading a Font Image, Searching for Font by Category


New Garments / Category / Table Tutorial

Creating Garment Categories, Adding New Tables, Creating New Product, Assigning Colors Sizes, Configuring Sides


Ink Color Palette Tutorial

Adding New Color to the Color Palette, Using Hex Values, Editing Existing Colors

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